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21. More Inclusive and Democratic Governance

There are several commitments in this area.

One is to work with curriculum experts and stakeholders to ensure civics education in our schools has a strong component on citizen engagement and the role of responsible government. A second is to introduce a new community volunteer service requirement to receive a NB High School diploma.
Resource documents:
· Learn for Life! Building a Learning Agenda Together

Departmental Lead: Education and Early Childhood Development

A third is to work together on new volunteer-friendly laws and regulations.
Resource documents:
· Community and Non-profit Secretariat Strategic Plan 2008-2011

Departmental Leads: Executive Council Office, Healthy and Inclusive Communities

22. More Open and Transparent Government

The commitment is to engage with stakeholder groups to enhance the inclusiveness and representativeness of our government’s decision-making authorities (provincial government Agencies, Boards and Commissions (ABCs))

Departmental Lead: Executive Council Office

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