New Brunswick Social Policy Research Network

About us

The mandate of the New Brunswick Social Policy Research Network (NBSPRN) is to advance an evidence-based approach to policy development. Key to the NBSPRN mandate is identifying occasions for collaboration between governments (decision-makers, public servants, municipal officials, regional development practitioners), informed communities (non-governmental organizations, community leaders and citizens) and researchers (academics, students) in the area of social and economic development.

The NBSPRN is structured on the value of networked governance, whereby government and civil society work together to tackle policy challenges. The NBSPRN recognizes the need for governments to determine policy agendas that provide direction for their actions and aids in the determination of these research agendas by facilitating the relationship between the government seeking information, communities providing experience and the researcher providing expertise

To assist in the identification of policy priorities, the NBSPRN is supported by a Board of Directors gathered to generate ideas and areas for focus. Included in the NBSPRN Board of Directors are senior research positions from New Brunswick’s four public universities, key socio-economic policy stakeholders and an elected representative from the Government and the Office of the Opposition.

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