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4. Healthier Living for a Healthier Future

As health expenses continue to grow we need to shift our focus toward living better by expanding wellness, health education and prevention programs. One commitment in this area is to initiate a special Partnership for Youth Wellness with the goal of having the healthiest kids in Canada.
Resource documents:
• Live well, be well: New Brunswick’s Wellness Strategy
• Policy 711 Healthier Eating and Nutrition in Public Schools

Departmental Leads: Healthy and Inclusive Communities, Education and Early Childhood Development

5. Comprehensive Diabetes Strategy

A Comprehensive Diabetes Strategy has been implemented and is focused on three components: detection, prevention and disease management. The commitment is to support Diabetes Research and Innovation Centres of Excellence, building on the excellent research already being done in the province.
Resource documents:
· A Comprehensive Diabetes Strategy for New Brunswickers
· Policy 704 – Health Support Services, Handbook for Type 1 Diabetes Management in Schools

Departmental Leads: Health, Education and Early Childhood Development

6. Primary Health Care Reform

The commitment is to explore the use of Family Health Teams to bring together doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other professionals to expand access to more New Brunswickers. Expand the Collaborative Practice Clinic model to be more widely used.
Resource documents:
· A Primary Health Care Framework for New Brunswick

Departmental Lead: Health

7. Senior Care Plan

The commitment is to make it easier for seniors to continue to live in their homes, protect their fixed pension incomes, provide more senior-specific access to health and wellness services and to work with seniors so they can continue to make valuable contribution to NB.
Resource documents:
· Living Healthy, Aging Well – A Report by the Premier’s Panel on Seniors

Departmental Leads: Social Development, Healthy and Inclusive Communities, Health

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