New Brunswick Social Policy Research Network

Planning knowledge mobilization for researchers

Knowledge mobilization, knowledge translation, knowledge transfer and knowledge dissemination are all common terms used in research and policy making today.

Not to mention, funding agencies are strongly encouraging researchers to implement these strategies in their work (see here, here and here) and impact measures.  However, there aren’t many tools that offer guidance to best do this.  In order to adhere to these new requirements, researchers will need to find both practical and innovative ways to integrate knowledge mobilization/translation/transfer/dissemination into different stages of the research process.

This is where NBSPRN can help.  As knowledge brokers, we connect researchers with research users, and in the last few years, have developed a list of services ranging from networking events, community forums, information sessions and capacity building workshops to increase the reach of research, translate knowledge for a broader audience, increase impact and influence social and economic policy.  We offer partnership at various stages of the research process and look forward to communicating and connecting researchers and policymakers across New Brunswick.

In my role as research coordinator, I am currently in the process of defining a formal knowledge mobilization strategy to assist our members in including these practices in their research process, but in the meantime I invite you to explore our “Knowledge Mobilization Services” and to reach out for assistance with your research!

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