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Saint John North End Wellness Centre – Community Connector Job Description (New-C)

One Year Contract for Full time position (one year contract renewable annually)

$35,000 to $40,000 per annum

Improve the health of residents through neighbourhood-based models of care is one of four priorities for Living SJ. Living SJ is a broad network of government, business, non-profits and neighbourhoods working together to decrease generational poverty in Saint John. As part of this priority, a diverse team – RiverCross Mission, Centennial School, Horizon Health Network, ONE Change, Social Development, Saint John Regional YMCA, City of Saint John, and Saint John Community Police is working to establish a Wellness Centre in the North End of Saint John. The NEW-C will serve three neighbourhoods: Old North End, Crescent Valley and Anglin Drive.

A team of community partners connected with Living SJ seeks a dynamic and innovative individual to serve as a Community Connector with the North End Wellness Centre (NEW-C). The individual will promote the integration of government and community services to enable individuals and families to achieve wellness. The Community Connector will guide and mentor individuals to access and navigate the government and community services that help address barriers to improving their quality of life. The successful candidate will be a trusted and vital link between residents, the Wellness Centre and other government and community services.

Reporting to an Advisory Committee of residents and professionals drawn from Saint John North, the Community Connector will assume the following responsibilities:

– Build relationships with residents to enhance individual and family wellness;

– Promote understanding of the issues facing residents in three low-income neighbourhoods;

– Act as a key member of the NEW-C collaborative team, which provide integrated services to meet the needs of residents;

– Be a knowledgeable source of information on current government and community programs and services;

– Seek to remove barriers for residents by working collaboratively across all disciplines and services;

– Contribute to the development and implementation of a strategic workplan with time frames and deliverables;

– Track and report on evaluation outcomes.

Required Skills and Experiences:

– Ability to build effective working relationships with residents, government and community service providers.

– Ability to work in a team environment.

– Excellent organizational and facilitation skills.

– Knowledge of government and community services.

– Good communication skills to present facts effectively in oral and written form.

– Competence with appropriate computer-based applications to manage information.

– Able to work flexible and non-traditional hours.

– Related work experience and post-secondary training are assets but not required.

Resumes with cover letter must be received by March 4th and sent to: c/o Hiadee Goldie, Horizon Health Network,

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