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Renewal of Overcoming Poverty Together: NB’s Poverty Reduction Plan

Renewal of Overcoming Poverty Together – New Brunswick’s Poverty Reduction Plan

The last of the 12 public dialogues leading to the renewal of NB’s poverty reduction plan took place Wednesday night, October 9, 2013, in Fredericton, with more than 100 participants.

The Economic and Social Inclusion Corporation team wishes to thank all the participants, stakeholders, facilitators, Community Inclusion Networks, and members of the Board of Directors who participated in this unique citizen engagement process. With their participation, the first phase of the renewal process of Overcoming Poverty Together is a success.

Here are some interesting preliminary facts about the public dialogues:

–        More than 700 citizens, representatives from the business, non-profit and government sectors participated in the 12 dialogues.

–        Some 3,000 comments, ideas and suggestions have been submitted at the public dialogues.

–        On average, more people participated at each public dialogue in comparison with the 2009 public dialogues on poverty reduction.

–        This year, participants have contributed over 1,800 hours of volunteered time at the 12 dialogues.

More details on the success of the public dialogues will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Until October 25th, 2013, we continue to encourage you to :

1.      Submit your ideas online

2.      Ask your friends, relatives and co-workers to take a few minutes to submit their ideas online at

3.      Hold a mini-dialogue within your organization or in your community

The Economic and Social Inclusion Corporation feels that the ideas coming out of the public engagement process will provide a solid foundation to the creation of the renewed New Brunswick poverty reduction plan.  A summary of what was said will be published later this fall.

You can visit our website at or call the Economic and Social Inclusion Corporation at 1-8888-295-4545 to participate or for more information.

Again, thank you very much for your participation!

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