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Karina Leblanc has been Confirmed as NBSPRN’s Interim Executive Director

We are happy to announce that Karina Leblanc has been confirmed as NBSPRN’s Interim Executive Director! Karina will be performing this role while maintaining her role as Executive Director of the Pond-Deshpande Centre.

We look forward to working with Karina in the months to come as we continue to support evidence-based public policy by bridging the gap between those making decisions, those conducting research, non-governmental organizations and New Brunswick citizens.

If you wish to contact Karina, she can be reached at or 506-451-6923


Karina LeBlanc is the Executive Director of the Pond-Deshpande Centre at the University of New Brunswick.  With a passion for supporting the growth and development of motivated change makers, Karina is invested in inspiring our youth with the possibility of entrepreneurship so that they can become opportunity creators in lieu of job seekers, fuelling the growth of the Impact Economy in Atlantic Canada and the Business for Good ecosystem.  She is working to build this Next Economy with the creation of such initiatives as the Student Ambassador Program, the B 4Change Social Venture Accelerator, the Change Maker Seed Funding Program, and NouLAB, a Social Innovation Lab initiative for the province of New Brunswick.

Karina has degrees in engineering and financial management from Western and York Universities.  She has worked in both manufacturing and marketing for Procter & Gamble before getting hooked on the start-up community.  She has worked for, and as a consultant to, six different start-up companies in Atlantic Canada before taking on the inaugural role of Executive Director for the PDC.


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