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Mobilizing Research for Public Good – Report and Next Steps

On April 24th, 2017, a group of twenty-one researchers and representatives from postsecondary institutions (research centres, institutes and chairs) across the province came together for a day of networking, collaboration and dialogue. Together, participants shared research goals, ideas, priorities, and needs with the aim to improve the connectivity of our research community, develop a shared understanding of the current state of public policy-related research in our province, define opportunities that exist for growth or enhanced collaboration, and develop a plan to support our research institutes and centres throughout New Brunswick.

Thank you again to those who attended the event on April 24th in Riverview, NB.  You can read the full report here.

We received great feedback, engagement and ideas for building a tighter-knit research network and community in the province.  To continue the discussion, one suggestion that arose from the day was to strike a committee with the aim of developing a provincial research strategy (à la Naylor Report ) to raise the profile of NB research centres, and institutes, as well as provincial research more generally.

NBSPRN would be happy to chair this committee. If you are a researcher or student interested in becoming engaged in this initiative, please contact


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