New Brunswick Social Policy Research Network

UNB to host the annual ResearchImpact meeting!

On September 13th and 14th, the University of New Brunswick (UNB) will be hosting the annual ResearchImpact meeting in Fredericton.

«ResearchImpact-RéseauImpactRecherche (RIR) is a pan-Canadian network of universities committed to maximizing the impact of academic research for the social, economic, environmental and health benefits of Canadians». In other words, RIR is Canada’s knowledge mobilization network.

In 2015, UNB joined the pan-Canadian knowledge mobilization network and is represented by Nick Scott, Executive Director and myself Sasha Wood, Research Coordinator at the New Brunswick Social Policy Research Network (NBSPRN).

By participating in ResearchImpact, we will not only have the opportunity to meet and work with other member institutions from across Canada but will also be able to share the important work of our members with this engaged audience. This means access to a national network of potential research or community partners, organizations that could put your research to use and to a database of knowledge mobilization tools and best practices.

There are many benefits to our participation in this network and we are looking forward to sharing what we learn with our members. Please stay tuned as we bring forward some new ideas and keep you up to speed on ways you can be engaged. We are so happy to be part of this network and are looking forward to hosting on our beautiful campus this year. If you would like to learn more about this network and what this means for you, please reach out to me at!

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