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Post-Event Report: Showcase and Sharing Dialogue

In order to support efforts in becoming a leader in evidence-based public policy development through networked governance, NBSPRN, the United Way serving Saint John, Kings, and Charlotte counties, and the Urban and Community Studies Institute organized a Showcase and Sharing event that featured researchers of UNBSJ and community organizations from the region. The event allowed the sharing of research priorities, technical and evaluation interests of academics on the UNBSJ campus and community organizations in the Saint John area.

The event was held in Grand Hall in uptown Saint John on May 6th 2014 and was comprised of short presentations (2-3 min) that were made by individuals from these different sectors that sparked cross-pollinating collaboration between campus and community.

A speed-networking opportunity followed the short presentations in order to optimize the discussion and facilitate new relationships. From the discussions, key points were raised. They are:

  • Measurement of data and outcomes.
  • Matching community-based research needs with academics and graduate students.
  • Sharing of research and measurement tools.
  • Facilitating workshops in the community on measurement of outcomes and tools.

Our ultimate goal was to catalyze collaborative research projects to help research funding flow through the region and to assist community groups in achieving better outcomes. In order to measure the success of this goal, NBSPRN will take into account the points raised during the event and implement them in our activities moving forward. For one, some of the comments of the evaluation of the post-event survey we completed called for a follow up of this event. As such, we have completed an event report and will be following up again in the coming months to see if any projects have resulted from the connections made. We are also in the initial stages of creating a research catalogue and a communities research priorities document to facilitate the connection of needs and actions between community organizations and academic researchers. To find out more or how you can get involved, please contact us.

We look forward to planning the next Showcase and Sharing event and we hope to see you there!

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