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Photo_Julie_Caissie_resizedPictured are, Julie Caissie (right), a PhD candidate at the Université de Moncton, is the recipient of the NBSPRN’s student scholarship for 2012, presented here by Jennifer Godin (left), Outreach Coordinator.

Julie Caissie, a doctoral student with the Faculty of Education, is the recipient of the 2012 New Brunswick Social Policy Research Network grant (Université de Moncton).
While she has a master’s degree in Home Economics from the Université de Moncton, she is currently enrolled as a full time Ph.D student in education. Julie has worked as a Home Economist in various community settings in Moncton and has taught many courses in the Family Studies department at the Université de Moncton. She has been involved in the planning of many conferences and events at the provincial level in order to promote the importance of Home Economics across New-Brunswick.

Entitled “Les cheffes de familles monoparentales et la réussite scolaire des enfants en milieu minoritaire francophone,” (Female-Headed Single Parent Households and the School Performance of Children in a Minority Francophone Environment), Ms. Caissie’s doctoral thesis examines disadvantaged francophone single mothers in New Brunswick and their contribution to their children’s school performance. Unlike other research on the subject, data was collected from two sources: mothers and teachers. This approach goes further by re-examining the relationship between these socialization agents. Ms. Caissie’s research will lead to greater understanding of this problematic and contribute to the development and implementation of methods that are better adapted to the reality of these individuals.

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