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NBHRF Operating Grant 2014-15 Requirements Change

Effective April 1, 2014 – The peer review score requirement for the NBHRF Operating Grant is CIHR 3.5 or equivalent.  Due to the significant increase in the number of applications being submitted to NBHRF, the required peer review score on the original national granting agency application will be changed to 3.5 (CIHR Scale) or equivalent.  **Please note that the NBHRF website lists a peer review score of 3.0 which will be changing to 3.5 effective April 1, 2014**.

The NBHRF Operating Grant Program is intended to assist in building research capacity and to provide initial support for health researchers in New Brunswick.  Research supported must be in a field of human health research, defined broadly as encompassing biomedical science, clinical research, health services and systems research, and research on the cultural, social, and environmental determinants of population health.

The complete application must be submitted via the online process.

Funding: The program is offered annually, subject to availability of funding. The grant may be up to $25,000 for 12 to 18 months.

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