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New Series of Policy Briefs on the Science/Policy Interface

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With support from a SSHRC Public Outreach grant, the ISSP has developped a new series of policy briefs for publication. The goal of this series is to mobilize academic research beyond the walls of universities and to engage public servants, working at the science/policy interface in Canada and abroad. Each brief has been designed to highlight themes and findings in academic literature for the purpose of synthesis, knowledge transfer, and discussion.

The series includes the following eight policy briefs and reports:

1. Researchers are from Mars; Policymakers are from Venus: Collaborators across the System by Matthew Gaudreau and Marc Saner

2. From Many to One: Integration of Knowledge and Values in Decision-making by Matthew Gaudreau and Marc Saner

3. Dealing with Not Knowing: Evaluating and Communicating Uncertainty at the Science/Policy Interface by Matthew Gaudreau, Michael Bordt and Marc Saner

4. (Workshop Backgrounder) Making it Work: Incentives to Improve the Science/Policy Interface by Sasha Kebo and Marc Saner

5. (Workshop Report) Top Five Management Incentives to Improve the Science/Policy Interface by Machael Bordt and Marc Saner

6. A Map of the Interface between Science & Policy by Marc Saner

7. The Role and Responsibilities of the Scientist in Public Policy: A Discussion Paper on Science and Government by Bill Jarvis

8. A Question of Balance: New Approaches for Science Based Regulations by Bill Jarvis

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