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NBSPRN to act as administrator of NB2026

NBSPRN to act as administrator of NB2026

NBSPRN was founded by Andy Scott on the principles of Networked Governance. Networked Governance refers to horizontal decision making solving complex problems through the integration of capacities distributed across scales, sectors, domains, and levels of social organization and governance systems. One dimension of Networked Governance is integrating citizen engagement into the policy-making process. As part of its function to support citizen engagement, NBSPRN will begin to act as administrator of NB2026.

So what is NB2026 anyway?

NB2026 is a diverse citizens’ initiative responsible to:

1.     SHARE: supply new ideas and prospective on what the province should aim for.

2.     ENGAGE: give members the tools and mandate to engage, empower and inspire all New Brunswickers to a better future.

3.     MONITOR – ensure that progress toward reaching our full potential and long term transformational goals remains on track.

4.     REPORT – communicate regularly with the public on activities and consensus of the group

Insofar as NB2026 is a mechanism for citizen engagement and networked governance, NBSPRN will support the initiative by offering administrative and project-based support.

Andy Scott was very committed to the work of NB2026 and with the co-chairs, David Campbell and Nadine Duguay, and the Liaison Committee we hope to advance a model citizen engagement process in New Brunswick. As Andy would say “you bring everyone to the table so that everyone wins”.

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