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New Brunswick is currently facing the double threat of an aging and shrinking population, which has led to a significant shortage of skilled workers in our province. There are over 3,200 unfilled jobs listed on and by 2032, there will be one retiree for every person earning income in New Brunswick. This imbalance not only puts a significant strain on our social services, but inhibits the potential for New Brunswick businesses to grow and compete in national and global economies.


One solution is to work with employers, municipalities, community leaders, and the provincial and federal government to help position New Brunswick as a place of opportunity for skilled foreign workers. Every 1,000 new immigrant families that settle in New Brunswick with an average household income creates 50 million dollars in new consumer spending for the province. We have the jobs but lack the skilled workers to fill them. We have the social services, but the declining population will begin to put a burden on the tax base in New Brunswick. Luckily, we also have the foresight to know that growing our population will only be good for all of us.

How, then, might we become leaders at attracting, welcoming and retaining newcomers to the New Brunswick Economy?

We propose to work with key stakeholders in New Brunswick on this very question, and we invite you to join us.

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There will be information sessions via webinar:

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