New Brunswick Social Policy Research Network

Jared Morrison and Peter Nimigon

We would like to welcome Jared and Peter to NBSPRN! We wish them the best of luck during their time with us.

Jared Morrison

Jared Morrison Pic1) What is your position with NBSPRN?

Communications and Events Assistant.

2) What is your background?

Multimedia Studies and Communications, focusing on critical media literacy – especially visual media such as photography, illustration, and graphic design. I am proficient in multiple disciplines relating to both media theory and creation, including technical and practical knowledge of rhetoric, written statements, press releases, copy-text, etc.

3) What are you looking forward to achieving during your time at NBSPRN?

Making information more accessible has long been an interest of mine; specifically, the increasing need for clear, concise communication in academia, the importance of which will not be realized without organizations like NBSPRN. My time here represents an unparalleled opportunity to apply my multifaceted skill set in a meaningful way: contributing to a cause I believe in while gaining highly relevant experience working in my field.

4) Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself?

I am a gifted multidisciplinary artist, including photography and fine art in both traditional and digital media (graphite pencil portraits, digital paintings). I am a self-taught guitarist and regular blood donor (14 donations and counting).

Peter Nimigon

Peter Nimigon1)What is your position with NBSPRN?

My name is Peter Nimigon I was born and raised in New Maryland, New Brunswick. I am an Evaluations Assistant at the New Brunswick Social Policy Research Network.

2) What is your background?

I have always been interested in policy research, having obtained my Bachelor of Arts with joint honours in History and Political Science in 2009 at the University of New Brunswick, researching efforts to accommodate Quebec in the Canadian federation. I have also completed a Master’s degree in History in 2012 at UNB, studying counterterrorism policy in the United States in the 1970s and 1980s.

3) What are you looking forward to achieving during your time at NBSPRN?

While I focused mostly on policy research and analysis in university, this position at NBSPRN will help me acquire a broader knowledge of the policy process in this province to further a future career in public policy. As a resident of this province, I am well-informed of many of the issues facing New Brunswick presently and in the future. I can see the benefits of facilitating relationships between government, academics, community organizations and citizens in order to design evidence-based policy to meet many of the future challenges in the province.

I am certain that this position will be an excellent learning experience and will help me acquire a variety of new skills and new relationships in the policy development community. These new experiences and contacts will hopefully allow me to remain in the province to continue my career in this field.

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