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AAU Teaching Showcase 2013

Mount Allison University welcomes you to the Association of Atlantic Universities 2013 Teaching Showcase!

October 26, 2013

The annual Association of Atlantic Universities Teaching Showcase provides a forum to reflect on teaching practice, discuss issues related to university teaching and learning, and share teaching strategies. The theme for 2013 is “Assessment: Teaching, Learning, and Quality.” 

We spend much of our time and energy in higher education assessing others or being assessed ourselves.  Assessment is not an end in itself, so why do we do it?  The simple but nonetheless noble answer may be that, through assessment, we wish to enhance quality to inform decisions and demonstrate accomplishment.

The corollary questions, then, are these: How do we assess? What do we assess? What do we do with the results?

The theme is also meant to encourage discussion about broad regional and national standards of quality assessment that encompass degree-level learning outcomes.

We welcome your participation in and contribution to this increasingly important discussion about how assessment, teaching, learning, and quality intersect.

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