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Canada 3.0 – Building a Digital Nation for the Benefit of Humanity

By: Anthony Reinhart, May 13 2013

Posted on: Canadian Digital Media Network

Four years ago, a software executive, a university president, a federal minister, a provincial minister, and a mayor came together to launch a symbolic moonshot designed to inspire Canadian leadership in the coming digital 3.0 universe and make Canada a true Digital Nation by 2017.

They invited me to be a keynote speaker, and as one of the 2,000 delegates who headed to Stratford, Ont., it was a Woodstock-like moment. Though we all came from different sectors and knew little of what to expect, we shared a commitment to the event’s success, and more importantly, we shared a sense of purpose to realize Canada’s potential in the digital age.

On the eve of its annual blossoming as one of Canada’s major theatre centres, Stratford invited creativity, spontaneity, and passion. Moreover, its cultural industries represented the emerging digital integration of arts and sciences, of culture and technology, of critical literacies and big data, and of economic and social cohesion.

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